September 29, 2011

Antonio Vitali Bus Just Begging To Be Reissued


So beautiful. Antonio Vitali designed this bus for Playforms, a division of Creative Playthings. It is so trippy, I half expect it to come with a Verner Panton action figure.

Vitali's carved out design was originally constructed from two joined blocks of wood. Which is fine. But it's 2011. If we can print Bugaboo parts out of metal, we obviously have the technology to scan and 3-D print this bus out of resin, plastic, or sintered steel, right?

But don't we also have the ability to throw a solid 13x4x4 block of wood on a CNC router-rooter and type GO? Please tell me why we can't carve/print the perfected incarnation of Vitali's bus on demand? Is this not The Future?

Antonio Vitali Playforms Wood Toy Large Bus Creative Playthings, currently $15.60 +16.70 s/h, auction ends Oct 5 [ebay]


I was thinking, why not a 13' x 4' x 4' block of wood? (Not to go all Spinal Tap on you)

Even with CNC you would still need to do it in two pieces to get all those interior shapes.

Chainsaw Art Stonehenge

So you need a frickin' laser or something to get it all? Or you just have to sit there Dremeling it by hand?

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