September 22, 2011

The Ford Treasury Of Taylor Tot Living


DT reader John was flipping through his German-language copy of Emil Schulthess's 1955 photobook, USA, when he spotted this picture of a dad pushing a Taylor Tot stroller through the Ford Rotunda, which had just reopened with its new Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome roof.

About that car in the background, let's ask DT reader and historic car guru DT:

What you have there is the Lincoln XL-500 (1953), "The Phantom," Lincoln's first postwar concept. Ford Design Department, Concepts & Showcars, 1932 - 1961 says it was only shown for a very short time, as it was wrecked when loading into MSG for the NY show--they lost control of it on a ramp, and it rolled across the street and through the front window of a restaurant! Its fate is unknown: Some think it may have gone down with the Norseman on the Andrea Dorea, while there was an unconfirmed report it ended up in private hands in Minnesota.
Basically, Daddy Types has the greatest readers in the world. You guys are awesome.

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