September 21, 2011

Dave Likes Carseats. In Porsche 911s.


Dave just posted this photo of a Porsche 911 with a car seat. This is just the kind of in-depth, nose-against-the-window reporting that gets you promoted to managing editor. Nice hustle.

Any guesses on the model?

See the full-size image at Dave Likes Cars [dave likes cars]


It looks like the massive Britax "up to 120" kind we have in our 1975 International Harvester Scout 2. It s HARD to find a good carseat for those low-back, lap belt only, older cars. Advice?

Britax was my guess, too, except that I couldn't imagine how such a giant rig could fit in the back of a 911. If a Britax fits, anything fits, no?

Now about that IH Scout... I'd guess you need something with a built-in shoulder harness, like the Recaros. Or maybe retrofit a latch for the top of the car seat? It's tricky, no doubt.

Hmmmm... Not the Graco Nautilus? Na... too cushy.

Two words, Dave: Polarizing filter.

I think he will not be gunning for your photo jobs any time soon, other car blog dad hero also named Dave. Unless the iPhone 5 has a polarizing filter.

Are we sure this isn't just some viral component of Porsche's "Everyday" ad campaign?

Ella: the Radian seats are rated for use as 5-point harness up to 80lbs with lap belt only.

Ha! It was just an iphone in our parking garage. So not great conditions. I tried a few different angles but it didn't work out.

Of course I put my kids in the back of a Boss 302 so...

Yeah, it looks like a pretty narrow window before they outgrow that space. Maybe Rear Seats or Package Tray? can be the new, dad version of Nice Price or Crack Pipe?

Chris - THANK YOU. I'll be sharing that tidbit on all the IH forums. Everyone there seems to just ip out the bench seat and put in captain's chairs, which we don't want to do.

I went for a Recaro Young Sport for my Z06

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