September 13, 2011

Holy Family! That's Practically An Antonio Vitali Creative Playthings Nativity Set!


It's amazing what a couple of four-figure eBay auctions for Antonio Vitali toys will flush out of the basement, isn't it? A sculpted wood family, a set of animals, and a barn? That is a blessed occurrence indeed.

In this case, DT reader Amy is both the tipster and the seller. They found this incredible set of Vitali Creative Playthings dolls, and animals, and a barn, at a local antique shop in Oregon. And though their kids have played with them a bit, supervised, they have lived, until now "on a high shelf out of reach of the kids and the puppy."

And it shows. Bidding started over the weekend at an enticing but impossible $100. I suspect it will keep on climbing.

And climb it did. The final bid was $3,050. Plus shipping. Congratulations all around. Now if you'll excuse me, I have some Princeton-area church rummage sales to attend.

Creative Playthings Barn, Family, and Animals Antonio Vitali, current bid $510+20 s/h, auction ends Sept. 16 [ebay]


Thanks for the write up. I was floored when my husband told me what it was up to today! I won't mention how much I paid for it, but I will be heading back to the shop to see what else I can find.

let me get my keys, I'm coming with you guys.

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