September 9, 2011

Interviews Of Note With/About The Jews

Can I post these together? I really, I don't know. I just read them in quick succession; they're sitting in my browser tabs right next to each other.

Some time ago, the notable anti-Semite Mel Gibson talked with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg about his upcoming project, a film adaptation of the story of Judah Maccabee, in which forcible circumcision plays an unexpectedly prominent role. An unsettling read for anyone with a circumcision decision looming, I'm sure.

Meanwhile, in The Paris Review, Maurice Sendak has a very thoughtful and enlightening Q&A with Avi Steinberg about his new book, Bumble-Ardy, and of the suspicion, terror and confusion of the child's worldview that lingers for at least 83 years, which is, coincindentally, how old Sendak just turned.

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1 Comment

The very end of the Gibson piece is awesome.

He may be an anti-semitic misogynist asshole, but he apparently has a sense of humor.

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