September 4, 2011

A Little Short For A Storm Trooper

A sunday walk in the sun

I suggest you do what she says, and get Kristina Alexanderson's Clone/Stormtrooper photos one a day. Because clicking through them all at once is just too damn adorable.

Oh, ok, just one more:

I'm afraid of the droids we're looking for

CClone-365-2011 project and photoset [flickr via boingboing]


Thanks for sharing these. I love a good visual pun but add star wars to the mix and well... This one even go a smile from the wife. On the same kind of vibe you might like these pics I found on behance.

Oh that's just too cute. We are about to start a family soon, and I had to show that to my fiance. He loved it too, thanks for sharing it.

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