August 31, 2011

You've Come A Long Way, Tony!

Kellogg's is coming for you[r kids]:

The campaign is meant to tap into the growing trend of dads buying groceries.


"Dads love to share the things that he is passionate about with his kid and Frosted Flakes and sports are two of those things," said Kellogg Senior Marketing Director AnneMarie Suarez-Davis.

I realize that AdAge is pitching this as a positive paradigm shift or whatever, the kind of thing I should be celebrating by passing out bubble gum cigars, but you know what? No.

You know what I do sometimes? I buy a box of sugar cereal, and then I think about sharing it with my kids, and then I remember it's all sugar, and so I eat it myself after they're asleep.

Did you know that the marketers from Big Sugar who are certainly NOT advertising to dads as a way to circumvent their own weak kid-focused ad restrictions, are also the ones who, over the years, killed off Tony The Tiger's mother, wife, son and daughter? Think about that the next time he puts on his happy-brave face and cries out to the sky.


Frosted Flakes Mascot Being Used in Push Toward Dads [adage via dt reader sara]

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The last time I checked, Tony was also a mascot for children's swimming in the UK:

(though as you can see Parliament were trying to do something about it)

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