August 31, 2011

Amsterdam On The Potomac: Bakfiets Spotted In The Wild

So I saw a dad with a bakfiets with in infant carrier in the box driving down the street in Washington DC today.

He was too quick, and I was too slow to get a picture. But it looked like The Future. Or Portland, half dozen of one.


I looked at that picture and thought, "That's cool!". Then I wondered why nobody was wearing a helmet.

because it's Holland.

Though DCBakfietsDad wasn't wearing a helmet, either. [To be fair, neither was I, but I didn't have a kid with me.]

Were you walking? I hope so, because if you're knocked off your bike onto your head, odds are that at least one of your kids might mind not having a daddy any more.

It doesn't take much to smash a noggin.

My friend sells really cool Danish bikes in Chicago. I know he used to import De Fietsfabriek bikes like this. He still might.

If you should know of a family who may have a disabled child who would benefit from a cargo bike ride, please let us know. We lend them out in DC too.

Helmets are required though....

(Same goes for Charity rides. If you make the effort to raise money for good causes, we can at the very least lend you a bike).

I didn't realize the email address was not going to display. Whoops.

Have a great spring!

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