August 27, 2011

The Surf Guide Baby And Her Velzy Stick


This perfect image has just made land via my friend Christine's awesome tumblr of zen.

The October 1964 cover of Surf Guide magazine featured a photo of Karen Gallagher taken at San Onofre. According to big sister Karolyn Gallagher's story at, the kid-sized board first belonged to their brother Karl. [The Gallaghers' mom is Gretchen Van Dyke, of the surfing pioneer Van Dykes.]

It was made by none other than Dale "Hawk" Velzy, because he was like the only guy making surfboards in the 50s, at least surfboards a toddler could carry. So natural, and at once, so absolutely insane.

Surf Guide Vol. 2, No. 9 (October 1964) []


I love how she's rocking Salt Water Sandals and a prefold, just like my kid.

i love this pic, it rocks!!!

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