August 26, 2011

Ostalgie's Rainbow: Dresden Rocket Slide


Beth from the awesome indie label Lemon Cadet was traveling in Germany when this vintage postcard jumped off the rack and screamed "Achtung, Daddy Types!" at her. So she had to get it and send it to me. [The way she tells it much more genteel, obviously.]

Anyway, Raketenrutsche is your new, nice German compound word of the day. Note the lederhosen polished to a high sheen from all the sliding.

This particular Raketenrutsche was apparently in Dresden, so we can assume that the rocket was pointed west, toward whatever corrupt capitalist countries might have, oh, I dunno, firebombed the city into oblivion a few years earlier. Not namin' any names!

Previously: Lemon Cadet at Crafty Bastards

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