August 26, 2011

DT Friday Freakout: I Got Nothin' Edition

Seriously? What freakouts could the worlds of science, education, or parenting propose to ruin your weekend that earthquakes and hurricanes haven't already got beat?

As luck would have it, we checked our "go bag," which we call our 72-hour bag, and which we've kept pretty well-stocked, we thought, for the last ten years or so, give or take a couple of weeks.

And whoops, it has size 3 diapers, a pacifier, some Onesies and some single-shot formula packs in it. So maybe not as up-to-date as we might have thought. Kids grow so fast.

Anyway, good luck, be safe, stay chill, roll with it, and don't be above using the kid to get what you want or need; just be smooth about it.

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