August 25, 2011

Sweet Stash Of Antonio Vitali Wooden Toys On eBay


It's always tough to post about awesome Antonio Vitali toys, knowing as I do that the biomorphic, abstracted carved wood pieces are rare enough, and the prices are going to go high enough, that it's extremely unlikely any actual kid will be allowed to play with them ever again. At least not any kid in the toys' original toddling, sometimes toy-gnawing target demographic.

But just take a closer look at that plane. It's like a little bird, so alive. And a hedgehog? How can you pass that up?

Anyway, no steals here; the bids started high and will likely go higher.

Antonio Vitali wooden toys stash, via eBay seller My.Niche, auctions end Sept. 01 [ebay via dt reader helene]

WTF UPDATE: Holy smokes, $405 for that car?? That is just nuts. $560 for the horse? It looks like three bidders spent $2,269 for the six pieces. Just crazy days.

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