August 23, 2011

Mothers By Martin Creed

I've been a big fan of Martin Creed's work for years, and this is the biggest yet.

Apparently, this spinning, 12.5-meter long steel beam with a giant, neon MOTHERS sign on top of it was originally designed for a train station in Germany. And yes, there was a FATHERS sign to go with it.

But the way Creed talks about it, and the way his London gallery pitches it in the press, the project isn't going forward. I will get to the bottom of this eventually, and let you know.

UPDATE: And no, there was no FATHERS sign to go with it. I heard back from Creed's studio that this is a single MOTHERS.

Work No. 1092, MOTHERS, 2011, Martin Creed, exhibited at Hauser & Wirth, Jan-Mar 2011 [ via artblog artblog]
Mothers at Hauser & Wirth []

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