August 17, 2011

Downhill From Here, Picking Up Speed

My little pony eraser! I've been looking all over for that!
-K2, rather improbably, as she rummages through her box of junkiest toys, looking for a Silly Band, any Silly Band, since the fire alarm went off just as she was getting out of the dentist's chair, and we actually had to evacuate the building before she could get her balloon-tied-to-a-Silly -Band, thus betraying the only promise that worked to get her to the dentist without crying in the first place. And this, after I vetoed her choice of videos Rapunzel Barbie, because, obviously, no Barbie. The day is pretty much ruined, I figure.


Right, so. . . we don't have Barbies in our house, but those Barbie movies. . . they are actually quite good.

That is all.

K2 is really very dangerous mountain. love to see it live but it looks very impossible wish for me

[I took out the link, but this Pakistani comment spam has been permitted to stay! -.ed]

Man, you get the best spam comments.

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