August 10, 2011

Paloma Poster Looks Awesome, Sounds Complicated


Information design guru Nicholas Feltron pretty much set the standard for the awesomely designed personal annual report. I'm a bit surprised it's taken this long for someone to create a kid version.

Especially when you see how natural and obvious the Paloma Poster is. The original was created as a first birthday gift by artist Chase Simmering. And for the next two months, through the baby furniture artisans at Kalon Studios, she's offering customized versions of the poster for your very own little Paloma. [Or whatever his/her name is, I am pretty sure it doesn't have to be Paloma.]

Just provide Simmering with the 16 sets of vital data for the kid's year in question, and she'll lay it all out, with or without custom icons next to the text fields, which are extra, and with or without custom silhouette portraits, which are also extra, and if you somehow don't have a babyblog to count posts on, you could probably subsitute your Facebook wall, and--you have been logging all this information in some baby book your mother-in-law sent, right? Because it's a bit late to start now.

Each order includes one free revision, which makes me think it'll probably require more. I suggest you order [all of the above] and discuss the details with the artist. She's surely delightful.

Paloma Poster - Limited Edition, $150-225, depending [ via kalon]

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