August 10, 2011

DT Mommy Mailbag: Blog About Your Sex Life For Marketing, Facebook Strangers' Voting Amusement!

Just when I think the whole Mommy Mailbag schtick is played out, I get a pitch that makes me feel like the entire PR Industrial Complex actually IS conspiring against men generally and dads in particular. Even the condom makers are in on it!

Dear Mommy blogger,

Too tired at night after a busy day at work or with the kids to even think about your husband? Too many interruptions getting in the way of having the intimacy you used to ... before the kids???? Do you fantasize about sex more than you have it? Well, you're not alone.

Here is a chance for you talk about the sex you used to have ... and the chance to explore ways you might like to change that if your up for it! [This particular condom company] is inviting adults 18 and older to take moment out of the everyday madness, to lose their inhibitions (well, just a bit) and to share their intimate thoughts in the "Get A Room" contest on [the condom brand's] Facebook page at [whatever whatever figure it out for yourself].*

Now through Sept. 12, you and your readers can enter the contest by sharing stories of your sexploits--both episodes of steamy hot nights and/or even hilarious misfires--as well as the fantasies they would explore if they could!. Winners will be chosen by popular vote from Facebook fans of [a condom? Condoms have fans now? I mean, people who are glad for what they do, or what they prevent, sure. I can understand that, but still. Fans?] (and [the condom brand] enthusiastically welcomes all new friends and judges [Well that makes one of us!]).

We hope you will share these details with Mom's who are interested in adding some spice back into their lives ... or just having a little fun xoxo. Let me know if you would like us to send you a gift/free product from [the condom brand], as well.

Best regards,
The Condom Brand's SVP of PR

SVP! Maybe dadbloggers will get an email from the intern next week, I mean, assuming the condom company still considers men to be relevant to their business. Have fun, ladies!


You know the best part about being married with kids? You don't have to wear condoms anymore. You either get snipped or your wife is likely on the pill.

The only reason you'd be wanting to get your condom brand out to women is in case they're running around on their husbands.

I love how they managed to use cute PR-speak to get people to post on facebook (like, with their real name and picture attached) all kinds of things not fit for polite conversation. Somehow I think soliciting the same submissions directly (like DT emails some mom-blog asking for such things) wouldn't come off as cutenaughty.

Kinda reminds me of the douche-in-chief from Girls Gone Wild. People wondered how they'd actually get girls to "go wild", and his "secret" was to show up with cameras and a few hats or t-shirts to give away.

@David...unless they're still breastfeeding.

Good point Mad_Science. Moms still breast feeding would definitely be the types you'd want explaining their sexual escapades, aka how Johnny was conceived ;)


Last time I checked buying condoms is the only thing I've still been entrusted to do. That PR person is barking up the wrong tree, amigo.

I can't be the only one who's boggling at the ATROCIOUS spelling and grammar that this SVP of PR is using? This is supposed to be someone who communicates for a living, and therefore ought to understand how to wield an apostrophe, not to mention not changing a verb's subject in between parallel phrases.


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