August 9, 2011

Come And Play, Everything's A-OK: Sesame Street Covers

DTHQ has gone mobile this week; we are on the Outer Banks with the family, because really, what's stifling heat and humidity without sand and sunburn, amiright?

Anyway, point is, posting is light and largely image-free for a couple of days, since I can't figure out how to blog properly from an iPad.

The audio works, though, and nothing sounds better than Cover Lay Down's compilation of sweet Sesame Street covers. as befits the site's theme, the covers run the gamut from folk to alt-folk to indie country folk. But my favorite has to be--I'm ashamed to admit it--Andrew Bird's rendition of "it's Not Easy Being Green," sung live and in French.

Why am I reluctant to like Bird? Because he is one of the performers on The Green Album, the all-star tribute album created as part of Disney's hyperstrategically hipwebsocialviral mega-relaunch of The Muppets this fall. I feel [successfully] target-marketed, and I don't like it. And yet I'm powerless to not like or blog about it. [shakes fist impotently at sleek, little screen]

Covered In Kidfolk, Vol. 12: Sesame Street [ via the awl and dadwagon]
Weezer, Andrew Bird, My Morning Jacket, and more record Muppet tribute album []

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