August 6, 2011

Awesome Creative Playthings Wooden Alphabet Letters


Full disclosure: I wrote this post within minutes of these things turning up on eBay. But these Creative Playthings wooden alphabet letters from the mid-1970s are so quietly awesome, I decided not to mention them on DT until I either won the auction myself, or got spanked in the process.

Fortunately, the auction ends the same time as BlogHer, so no one will slam me in their bloggers' journalistic integrity panel discussion. At least for this.

D'OH UPDATE: worst possible outcome, I get outbid and THEN miss the end of the auction, leaving me with nothing to show for it but a blog post and questions of my blogger ethics. But look, awesome blocks!

UPDATE UPDATE: At least we know they went to a good home. Congrats, Hi + Low, and thanks Andy for breaking it to me gently.

80 Wooden Alphabet Letters by Creative Playthings, first bid, $12.99+11 s/h, sold for $34, auction ended Aug. 6 [ebay]

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