July 28, 2011

Spain Inventing Nipples As Fast As It Can

These tiny Spanish nipples updates are brought to you courtesy of Hemispheres Magazine, where I read some random, blurbicle about the Salon des Inventions de Geneve while the kid was baking cupcakes on my iPad.

[image via]

Seems that one Catalan guy, Eduald Batlle, has invented a nipple for a soda bottle. Which is similar to but not the same as the HBS Baby Boomer dude who founded Munchkin by sticking a nipple on a Dr. Pepper bottle. [Really, a Dr. Pepper label on a baby bottle, but whatever, close enough. The Catalan nipple's not technically for kids anyway, but for adults who don't know where that can they're just about to put their mouth on has been all this time.]

And while trying to see if the can nipple really did "win a silver medal in its category," [verdict: unclear], I saw that Mr. Francisco Javier Garces Cervera did win the Prize of the German Association of Inventors for his "aromatic pacifier which helps babies to breathe in cases of nasal congestion."

Which, sure enough, here's Sr. Garces Cervera's patent for a "Chupete perfeccionado" right here [pdf]. Felicitaciones!


Un inventor de Ripoll patenta una tetina que evita el contacte de la boca amb la llauna de refresc [el9nou.cat, in catalan, I guess]
Chupete perfeccionado [oepm.es, pdf]
Salon des Inventions Geneve [inventions-geneva.ch]

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