July 19, 2011

Belkiz Feedaway Cardboard High Chair May (Still) Exist

Belkiz feedaway high chair

When her goddaughter was coming to visit her Tasmanian getaway, and eat while she was there, Turko-Australian designer/visionary Betul Medakbas realized what she--and the world-- needed was more flatpack cardboard children's furniture. And so, with the help of noted Australian cardboard designer Anthony Dunn, Belkiz was born.

The playful, Eco-conscious kids cardboard brand's first product, launched in 2009, was the Feedaway high chair. It clearly shares design DNA with Dunn's 2007 Paper Tiger, brandable, temporary cardboard seating system. The key difference being that it looks like someone's actually ever bought the Paper Tiger stuff. Feedaway has been celebrated on various design blogs for two years without so much as shopping link. As with many online business plans, the last mile is always the hardest.

Belkiz Feedaway high chair, coming soon (sic) [Belkiz.com.au via kidsroomzoom]

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