July 15, 2011

Luxembourg Kid Chairs By Fermob


The original garden chairs in the Jardin du Luxembourg were designed in 1923 and made of enameled steel. In 2000, 2002, or 2004, by the invitation? authorization? laissez-faire attitude? of the French Senat, which owns the Jardin, Fermob began manufacturing Frederic Sofia's "reinterpretation" of the chairs in powder-coated aluminum.

Now it seems that the rather awesome kid-sized version of Sofia's chair, the Luxembourg Kid, has reached America's shores. Or at least the shores of Silverlake; I saw them first on the website of OG Silverlake design shop Plastica.

Luxembourg Kid chaise, $165 [plasticashop.com]
Luxembourg Kid table & chaise [fermob.com]
Frederic Sofia design site and FC Sofia artwork site. Colette/indie toy-weirdness [

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