June 30, 2011

Inside The Nick Jr Actors' Studio

In which Jon Beavers, who plays Twist, the Gilliganesque wigger wigga wegro1 DJ on Nickelodeon's Fresh Beat Band, discusses his craft with and seeks career advice from Mickey Rourke:

2015 UPDATE: The clip is gone. Try this youku.com link to the entire Rourke episode. Beavers comes in around 39:00. This episode (Season 15, Episode 12) originally aired on August 31, 2009, exactly one week after the launch of Fresh Beat Band.

UPDATE: O man is right. In the comments, Andy flagged this related video, Jon Beavers Jumparound Remix, an interpretation of this Freshbeat Band song by the actor's most awesomely Shatnerian hometown roommate, YouTube user Xanderkinzle. MUST WATCH.

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[1] It has been irrefutably determined that wegro is the cheeriest, least derogatory, and most Nick-friendly way of referring to Twist's inner African American. Shout, meanwhile. I think the most instructive piece of information is to be found in the cast interview section of stuffwelike.com, where we learn that Beavers and Thomas Hobson, who plays Shout, were each initially brought in to read for the opposite role. Case closed.


o man. "jumparound remix" (the next recommended video) is outstanding.

FYI--might want to watch the usage of the word "wigger" as it's a derogatory word. Just sayin'.

sorry, I meant wigga, the happy, non-derogatory spelling.

Thanks. I also would have accepted wegro.

Damn! Wegro: that's all you had to say!

Holy crap, my wife and I have been wondering about Jon Beavers ever since our 5 year old and almost 2 year old fell in love with the Fresh Beats. I consider this post to be a jewel that I will cherish. Love the site!

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