June 9, 2011


WHOA, FULL STOP! There is now a Berenstain Bears Live Musical! It opens in just a couple of weeks! At the Manhattan Music And Arts Center beginning June 25th!

This is the press release I have been waiting for all these many blogging years!

As if its mere existence weren't enough, the show is being staged in an air conditioned theater! Which, if only it had opened today, AMIRIGHT?! :

This musical, in addition to be wonderfully entertaining (and 55 minutes long, in a beautiful air conditioned theatre), combines three of the books, so kids are also learning about healthy eating, being truthful and talking to strangers.
So three books in one musical, let's see. That means if it succeeds, they could make up to [calculator app downloading now... calculating...checking math...] 417.3333 other musicals! It'd be the new Law & Order, basically the world's steadiest gig for every actor who finds his way to New York.

To celebrate, Daddy Types is giving away 10 sets of 4 tickets to the Berenstain Bears Live! performance date of your choice. These aren't some freebie tickets, I'll buy'em myself. From scalpers on the street if I have to. That's just how much I love the Berenstain Bears and their dedicated fans.

Just be the first 10 people to leave a comment below, telling me how awesome the Berenstain Bears are, and how many life lessons you'd like them to teach your kids via song. Be sure to use a valid email address so I can contact you. The deadline is midnight EST tonight. Good luck!

UPDATE: ALRIGHT, CONTEST OVER! COMMENTS ARE CLOSED Oh, whoops, as several people pointed out, the DT comments function is currently disabled. My bad.

See videos, pictures, and showtimes, or buy your own damn tickets--hurry!--at BerenstainBearsLive.com [berenstainbearslive.com

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