May 31, 2011

An Incomplete History Of Jean-Paul Gaultier

1988 Gaultier launches a women's bridge line called Junior Gaultier.

1993 My guy at Bergdorf Goodman Men tells me that this spiky, latex Gaultier vest hanging here on the rack has so far been purchased on three Thursdays and returned the three following Mondays.

1994 Junior Gaultier is replaced by a unisex bridge collection, JPG by Gaultier.

1997 Galtier launches his haute couture collection.

1999 Gaultier sits across from me every time I take the Concorde from Paris to New York.

2003 Gaultier becomes the creative director for Hermes.

2009 Junior Gaultier relaunches as a kids clothing collection.


2011 [Jan.] Gaultier launches Gaultier bebe collection [above]

2011 [May] Stork Bites Man reports that this first-gen Junior Gaultier maternity tank top with a freaky cutout for a pregnant belly turns up in Urban Outfitters' vintage warehouse, where it freaks and/or skeeves the thrifters out.


Junior Gaultier Maternity Top [stork bites man]

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