May 27, 2011

DT Friday Freakout: Measles Edition

Some headlines from the worlds of science, safety, and parenting to freakout over this weekend:

  • Can't install them right so you can't get Zipcar, or take them on a trip. Holy smokes, Alexandra Lange asks, why are car seats so poorly designed??! [ My guess, in order, is inertia, lobbying, insurance liability, and regulations, Also, the Orbit is a paradigm shift.]

  • What hath vacctivists wrought? For starters, how about a ten-fold rise in the incidence of measles in the UK? [guardian via dt reader jj daddy-o]

  • And maybe the beginnings of a measles outbreak in Charlottesville, Virginia, first one in 21 years. [wapo via dt reader jj daddy-o]

  • Put down those breasts! Gerber has received permission to make a "qualified health claim" for one of its infant formulas. [amusingly stilted press release: eurekalert]

  • Prenatal vitamins prevent autism, at least for those kids who don't have autism. [pr: eurekalert. abtract: epidemiology]

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Found your blog for the first time. Funny, Greg, I'll follow you! :)

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