May 25, 2011

Don't Brush My Hair In Knots, By Murp

The Sadnesses have chosen to kick off their rather awesome guest playlist at Network Awesome with Murp's breakout debut single, "Don't Brush My Hair In Knots."

The Sadnesses are a Berlin-based band of Americans. Network Awesome is a New York-based online video and music performance magazine. Murp is a basement-based weekly playdate by a 3-year-old singer named Aaralyn and her 6-year-old brother Izzy. I'm pretty sure their dad is behind the camera and on bass.

After almost a year of quiet--as quiet as any true punk anthem can be, anyway--"Don't Brush My Hair In Knots" popped on Buzzfeed, and is now a Thing. Murp's dad just made the single available on iTunes.

I absolutely love the fact that even though the three paragraphs above would make absolutely no sense to a punk in the 1980s, they would totally get the song in like three seconds. The Future is here, kids, we're soaking in it.

The Live Music Show Curated by The Sadnesses [ thanks dt reader jason]
Murp's dad may have created his YouTube account before his kids started a band []


Yeh, I've had the acct for a long time now. Aaralyn is 4 now and Izzy is 7. They love making music for their 'fans'. Izzy is now hosting a 'BAttle of the Youtube Bands' in which he reviews 2 original songs , determines a winner and then sends the winner a Murp rocks T-shirt lol (I think he may be gettin a little jealous of his sister having the spotlight haha)

I think you need to send along a picture or a link to these Murp shirts. I couldn't find one.

sure thing
nothin fancy, but all the itunes, adverts, and t-shit revenue go their college fund :)

Dude, we need to get you a logo. You are clearly the Greg Ginn of kidpunk; now we need to find you a Raymond Pettibon. Or maybe a Cynthia Connolly makes more sense.

I wouldn't even know where to start, did Ray design the Black Flag logo?

say the word, we'll have a contest.

exactly. Connolly did the Minor Threat black sheep.

Sounds like fun!

lovin' this!

bring on the contest, I'll post it to the la design crowd.

OH! I'm delighted to see this here! Wooo!

Just a minor correction:
- The Live Music Show link is here:

That way you see all 11 videos instead of just the one. But that's ok, you get a robot band, a Gamelan orchestra, Super Mario Bros played on a Tesla Coil and all the greatest Keytar player ever! (dang!)

Heck yes, I want designer Murp swag!!!!

fixed it, thanks again.

Update: G4 television just sent me an email saying that the kids break out video "Don't Brush My Hair in Knots" will be featured in the show Web Soup on 6/1/11 5pm EST/8pm PST.

She warned me that show is adult oriented and that I may want to 'screen it' before I show the kids their segment lmao. What a tease.. "Hey kids! Guess what? You're gonna be on TV, but I can't let you watch until I 'screen it' "

By the way, Web Soup is like the Bob Sagget of Tosh.O lol

Still excited tho :)

Here's the video of the kids on that show, enjoy!

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