May 20, 2011

Parenting With Balls

That was gonna be the tagline for the blog at one point. Can you imagine? I asked a friend draw the logo for me, two IBM Selectric typewriter balls, with "D A D D Y" and "T Y P E S" going across the middle. It looked sweet, maybe I should dig that thing up.


Anyway, that just popped into my mind when I saw this photo from the Richmond Flying Squirrels game last week against the Harrisburg Senators. Season ticket- and baby-holder Tiffany Goodwin beat out her husband Allen to catch a foul ball. With seats on the third base line, they always bring their gloves and train the kids to keep their eyes on the ball--and to duck, if necessary. Goodwin apparently shagged a line drive last Friday, too.

The Richmond Times-Dispatch's Mark Gormus got the photo, but the Internet got the thousands of knuckleheaded comments about plagio helmets.

Meanwhile, here's one for the dads, from a Chattanooga Lookouts game last month. No glove.

Foul Ball Catching People's Attention [timesdispatch via dt reader rolf]

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