May 18, 2011

Home Court D-Bag Kids Furniture By Lebron James


As you can imagine, the only reason getting Lebron James to design kids furniture makes any sense is if you're a furniture licensing guy who really loves Lebron James.


So I guess it follows that the promo site for the collection, Home Court by Lebron James, is hopelessly, stupidly meta, trying too hard by half to explain what the hell Lebron James is doing "designing" kids furniture. After three unfunny videos of a cowboy, an astronaut and a clown pitching some spoiled, angry kid, Lebron comes on and says, "I've never been part of a kids room theme audition before."

It's officially the second most annoying, least suspenseful punchline he's made people wait way too long for in the past year.

Home Court by Lebron somehow exists and is for sale [homecourtbylebron via curbed, thanks dt reader rolf]

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