May 16, 2011

Youpla-do 2000 Lit Parapluie, How You Say Umbrella Crib?


Tres interessant, look what DT reader Gilles found at French vintage design shop the Hiving Room: it's a folding crib from the 60s/early 70s called the Youpla-do 2000 Lit Valise Parapluie, or Suitcase Umbrella Bed. I guess it's the French answer to the cross-channel challenge of the umbrella stroller.

Gille's right that the gappy side panels would never fly with current CPSC safety regulations, there's something fresh and very promising about this upside-down massage table form factor.

Hey, here's another Youpla-do 2000, which was also re-covered and sold in 2009. And here's a plain one, starting on for EUR60+shipping. And if you're in Roubaix, there's one with some kind of fugly fabric for EUR25. It's like learning a new word, you start hearing it everywhere.

Deco Vintage pour les tous petits, Youpla-do 2000 lit, EUR180 [hivingroom]

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