May 12, 2011

The Handmade, Bespoke Pride Of Newport Pagnell: AML Soapbox Derby Winner



Wow, I mean, just wow:

Lot No: 189
The 'AML' Soapbox, outright winner of the 2010 Newport Pagnell Soapbox Derby
designed and built by former Aston Martin employee Roy Pink of Roy Pink Cycles, Newport Pagnell, alloy box construction with cycle running gear and 4 wheel V-brakes, miniature DB5 nosecone, the chassis and nose sprayed by Aston Martin Works Service, fitted with Weinmann racing wheels to the rear and BMX wheels on the front.

Estimate: £400 - 600

This lot is offered for sale on behalf of the Willen Hospice.

The AML Soapbox Racer was used at the annual Newport Pagnell Soapbox Derby in 2010, a series of push start races down Silver Street. The AML Soapbox Racer won all three classes of racing, comprising adult, child and general.

Handmade, by and at Aston, a documented race winner--for the kid class, too--and being sold to benefit a charity. This is truly the greatest, most honorable vehicle to come out of Newport Pagnell in the last twenty years, if not more. Wait, when did the Lagonda start?

UPDATE: £580. At least it sold for more than that 7-UP mess.]

May 21, Lot 189: AML Soapbox Derby Racer by Roy Pink Cycles & Aston Martin Works Service []

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Technically it was only painted at Aston and I'm pretty sure it only has brakes on 2 wheels...but it's definitely a sweet vehicle.

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