May 12, 2011

The Decline Of Aston Pedal Car-ization

The Queen can take care of herself, it's the Aston Martin pedal car that needs saving. Just look at these two cars, both for sale in Bonhams' upcoming Aston Martin Automobilia sale on May 21st:


Lot No: 201 is an Aston Martin DB5 Convertible from the 1960s, built by Tri-ang, "It has benefitted from a body off restoration including a full re-spray and re-chrome. It also comes with a full leather re-trim in oxblood." Pristine and proper, if a little more angular around the nose than the original DB5. [est. £500 - 800 and sold, it turns out, for £1,800.]


Lot No: 172, meanwhile is "A rare 007-Up promotional Aston Martin Vanquish pedal car." It is for/from 7Up. See if you can stop staring at the Silly Putty plastic body and the Office Depot Easy button horn long enough to read the license plate: 007Up.

Then read it out loud: Double O Seven Up.

The ridiculous estimate on this is £400 - 600, which, if we could confirm the proceeds were going to charity and the car itself were going to a recycling center to be turned into park benches, would be fine.

Otherwise, hm, look at that, another "rare promo" 007Up-mobile just sold on eBay a few weeks ago for $199. Here it is sitting on a patio table in Conshofrickin, Pennsylvania or wherever.

Because it was purchased from a hillbilly on the side of the road, and so the autographs from Pierce Brosnan and Halle Berry were "not documented." Still, what's the diff?

[update: This thing sold for £480. Crazy.]

Previously/painfully: Aston Martin Junior V8 Volante

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I have one of these aston martin DB5. do you know where i can get body parts for the pedal car? like doors

many thanks

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