May 11, 2011

Mericas Funniest

This is who we are now. We make videos of our kids snuggling adorably with dead squirrels, and our adopted greyhounds wandering alongside our "outdoor rooms," then we post them on YouTube. And then we tag them so that maybe they'll get picked up by "mericas funniest":

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so that we can win some money and thus afford to go through with a short sale on our Florida homes, which has been on the market for five years.

And then a few days later, we edit out all the dog wandering part, and just laser in on the cute kid and the dead squirrel, and two months later, suddenly our videos get picked up by reddit, and we get 400,000 views in a day.

And suddenly we look beyond just getting out from under the house, and start wondering when we know we're the next guy who needs to quit his engineering job to open a cafepress shop selling mousepads with pictures of his drugged up kid coming home from the dentist on them. And thus another dream lives another day in the United States of Merica. [via andrewsullivan]



Squirrels are so cute. A lot cuter than the nasty fleas they carry (which can also transmit the bubonic plague virus). And nothing like a half-naked toddler to excite the appetite of a bunch of fleas.

I was thinking lice, and the way they like to leave a dead host, but yeah. What could have been a valuable rodent-skinning lesson turned into a pointless exercise in cuteness.

As a retired greyhound rescuer, I'm somewhat partial to the long form video including the footage of Ivy doing her business in the yard.

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