May 11, 2011

Baby Dada: Swiss Artists Lookin' To License Another Baby


In 2005 the Swiss bad boy artists duo Com & Com had a project called Gugusdada, in which they offered 10,000 CHF to the parents who agreed to name their kid Dada, like the old, absurdist, art movement. The project was sponsored by Swatch.

Now they're at it again, only this time, they're offering $10,000 US[?] to Russian parents who will name their newborn Dada this summer.

They're positioning it as "part of a campaign to create an international network of Dada babies by the year 2016." [the YouTube pitch video has subtitles.]

But if that's true, then why the five year Dada gap? And a network? I'll show you a stunt-name baby network: in eight years since the first one was born in 2000, there have been at least 22 babies named ESPN. And while we're on the subject, $10,000?? Couldn't they at least cough up 10,000 euros?

This is art only a pair of drivetime top 40 radio DJs could love. What a mess. The Russian version [ via artinfo] the 2005-6 Swiss version []

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