May 6, 2011

Chupiriffic! Palazzo Chupi Onesies


This is like five kinds of insidery awesomeness, but from Lockhart's twitpic caption, I gather that Curbed account exec @michellecurb whipped up a his&her pair of Palazzo Chupi Onesies for Joey Arak's coming twins.

I look forward to seeing photos of the plush Palazzo Chupi, too. Good luck all around, folks!

Amazing set of girl/boy Palazzo Chupi onesies [twitpic via @lock]
Farewell, Joey Arak: A Who's Who Looks Back on an Epic Curbed Run [curbed]
Palazzo Chupi-wha? All the Chupi coverage you can handle [curbed]

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