May 2, 2011

Can Someone Please Explain Cambridge Dads?

I've added Wicked Local columnist Steve Nadis to my list of Guys Who Inexplicably Think What This Country Needs Is More Dave Barry. But it'll take another read or two before I give up and add "Cambridge Dads" to my list of Things I Just Don't Get About Boston:

Need help with school dropoff? We got it covered. School pickup? No problem, we do round trips too. Soccer practice? You betcha. Little League? Ballet? What'd you think--I'd hold out on you now?

If there's one thing you can say about Cambridge dads, it's this: We go the extra mile. We'll head out for a box of Munchkins for the sake of a happy childhood and even make a late-night run to CVS for cough syrup, despite its proven ineffectiveness. We'll find time for that extra meeting with the classroom teacher or principal--for no reason, really, other than to show that we care.

Nadis: Overinvolved, overprotective, and overattentive--a salute to Cambridge dads [ via dt reader sara]


What happens in 01038 stays in 01038.

Do you mean 02138, as in the zip code? Cuz that would be (one of the zip codes in) Cambridge. 01038 is Hatfield, a little town out in Western Mass.

Why, yes I did mean 02138. Bean awhile since I lived back East....

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