April 29, 2011

ducduc Announces A Very Exclusive Crib Recall


The CPSC and Ducduc have announced what may be the most exclusive crib recall ever, even more exclusive than the Netto Collection Recall of 2007.

Five crib models [AJ, Austin, Parker, Cabana, and my favorite, Campaign, above] have been recalled because the spindles on the crib side can detach from the railing when the mattress is at the lowest setting. Five cases have been reported, with no injuries.

If you're one of the 330 people who bought an affected crib between 2009 and 2011, though, you probably already know this, because ducduc's concierge service has already reached out to you to arrange for the delivery of your replacement sides. Top that, Burlington Coat Factory.

330 Cribs Recalled by ducduc Due to Fall and Entrapment Hazards [cpsc.gov]
Previously: 400 Netto Collection cribs recalled for spindle separation problems


5 reported incidents out of 330 cribs sold. That doesn't sound too good.

330 cribs sold in 3 years sounds worse.

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