April 22, 2011

Portrait Of Cora, AKA Bruno Bischofberger's Daughter By George Condo


And here we have another portrait of Bruno Bischofberger's daughter by one of the artists he works with, a large 1989 painting, Portrait of Cora, by George Condo. It sold last year in Paris for EUR 46,000.

I don't know Bruno Bischofberger or his kids, but assuming his daughter's still alive, she'd be 31 or 32 years old now. I sure hope she's the one selling off all these portraits of her. Because otherwise, what a rip.

Also, now I'm thinking about all the artists I know who I haven't been hitting up to make portraits of the kids. A couple of Condo-sized auction results, and I'd have that 2022 Harvard tuition covered. I'm really dropping the ball here.

22 Mar 2010, Lot 454: George CONDO, PORTRAIT OF CORA, 1989, Sold for 46,389 € [artcurial.com]

UPDATE FROM THE COMMENTS: As Cora herself notes below, she is not the seller of this drawing. Of course, I did not say that she was, but in any case, glad that's all clear now.


This is Cora, the one from the painting. For your information, I did not sell this painting and I did not know of it's existence until today. Your last blog was incorrect to, please e-mail me before you write anything about me again please. yours, Cora

Thanks again for commenting, Cora. As you will note, the information in the previous Mapplethorpe post came from the gallery and the auctioneer, but your clarification there is duly noted.

As for this work, you will note that I only hoped that it was you profiting from the sale of a portrait of you, and not someone else. Had you been the seller, I would have expected you would not be forthcoming about such information, but should other works or news of your illustrious art-filled childhood surface, I will gladly let you know so that you may weigh in.

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