April 21, 2011

Leggero Ventolino: Eine Kleine Wooden Bike Trailer


Leggero was the first European bike kid trailer like 20 years ago, and then something happened, press releases don't say what, just that "Now, the pioneer is back - with the Leggero Vento," which is manufactured in Switzerland, and starts at 555 Swiss Francs.

Like some other pod-trailers, notably the Chariot Cougar, the Vento can convert to a jogging stroller.


Unlike any other bike trailer I'm aware of, though, the Vento also comes with a small, wooden toddler walking version, the Ventolino. Of course, it's sold separately, and it's not actually out yet. Still, tiny wooden bike trailer-looking thing!

Leggero Ventolino, CHF139 [leggero.com via dt reader nelson]

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