April 12, 2011

Buy This You Will: House At Chew Corner Now In Print


When we last checked in with "relentlessly cheerful" artist/dad James Hance, he was selling some prints for Wookie The Chew, his flat-out awesome Star Wars X Winnie The Pooh project, and I believe he was previewing a book at some local fair or other.

Well, preview no more, because House At Chew Corner is out, and it's been out for a couple of months now. And there is no buy, only do. Do buy. I mean, there is only buy.

Holy smokes, people, the greatest mashup book in the world is five bucks! Just buy it already! And the next two sequels, too.

Just watch out in 2031 or so, when a desperate/greedy Hance is putting his kids through college, and launches Winnie the Naboo. Until then, it's all clear.

Wookie The Chew book, prints, t-shirts, SOCUTESOCUTESOCUTE [jameshance.com via dt reader jjdaddyo]

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