April 1, 2011

The Gospel According To This In-N-Out Onesie


So let it be written on Daddy Types, so let it be done. Nelson, if you don't get royalties in this life, great will be your reward in heaven.

Dear Lord, please let this not be an April Fool's joke product. For my soul doth delight in the placement of this Bible verse. Because this is what an In-N-Out baby product's all about.

In N Out Drink Cup Onesie, $14.95 [in-n-out.com via dt reader jeff]


No! Someone made one?!?! Can I get royalties?

Can it me modified to read "Result of In-n-Out Urge"?

(The original bumper stickers were all caps block letters "IN-N-OUT BURGER", with BURGER on the second line. They were often modified to "IN-N-OUT URGE".)

I think I need "Result of In-N-Out Urge" tattooed on my spare tire.

The "In-N-Out" logo at crotch level is beyond disturbing. (Maybe "A Clockwork Orange" has scarred me for life.)

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