March 31, 2011

DT Mommy Mailbag: State School Edition

I know it's not Monday, but this just dropped into the DT Mommy Mailbag. Plus, it's good advice for all the Moms whose kids just bombed the ERB and are going to end up putting in an extra year at a second-tier preschool east of Lexington Avenue:

Subject: Parents: child just bombed the SAT?

Today is national SAT results day... the day when many students find out if they have to retake the grueling test.

In case you're planning on coverage for the Moms in your audience about how they can help their kids prepare better the second time around, here are a few tips prepared by [REDACTED]

On the bright side, by the time your kid bombs the SAT, you will be well prepared.

BREAKING UPDATE: D'OH, it was close, but this SAT email pitch was just trounced at the buzzer by a latecomer: "'Bieber Fever' Still Riding High at!"

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