March 23, 2011

Now That's A Black Flag I'd Like To See

Thomas Pluck kills it with his Punk Dad Manifesto in The Morning News. As an accomplished fiction writer, he somehow manages to conjure up a vivid image of a stultifying suburban hellscape, despite living in an idyllic, master-planned development outside Minneapolis or whatever:


Let it be known:

We do not recognize the authority of your crypto-fascist Homeowners' Association, whose pantsuited army rules illegitimately through fear and intimidation.

The Anarchy flag will NOT be removed from the balcony of 38 Marigold Court (hereon forthwith referred to as "Rebel Commune").

Someone should totally make an Anarchy house flag. I don't even have a porch, but I'd buy one.

The Punk Dad Manifesto []


Here's you go:
at 3'x5', it's suitable for hanging out your co-op window...

Ah yes, Anarchy + Novelty, a winning combination

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