March 19, 2011

This iPad app review makes me weep bittersweet tears

You know, I feared the dadblogging world might descend into chaos while I was Cruising around the Bahamas on Disney's Buy 'N Largest new oceanliner (seriously, did you know Wall-E was a documentary?). But it turns out I didn't need to worry.

Not with folks like John Biggs reviewing kiddie iPad apps like Nursery Rhyme Storytime with such devastating poetry and economy. I can't do it justice with a quote, just read the whole thing. It makes me sad all over that he ever stopped guestblogging.

Nursery Rhymes Storytime reminds you of the blasted, lunar hellscape that is your life [crunchgear]


How was the big new boat- do tell...worth it? Do blog...

just reposted. so very good.

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