March 14, 2011

Kid City: Silkscreened Ply Storyge Furniture

You may know Richard Shed from such designblog-ogenic creations as screwhead tape and Keith's console. But it turns out he's now got some kids somewhere, because he and Noel Bramley have been collaborating on an investigation of "the interaction of adults and children around stories, objects and the imagination." Kid City currently comprises a "series of objects that could act as storage devices as well as inspiring the imagination for play."


I, for one, would like to hear more of the story of their making, because silk-screened plywood is really feeling crispy right now. Fortunately, Abitare has a couple of workshop/sketchbook photos, as well as pics of the other piece, a fabulous rainbow book caddy, and this, the only picture with the tree nightstand or whatever. I can't wait for a dozen blogs to instantly repost's repost of the team's latest developments.

Kid City, 2010, ongoing []
11.09.2010 Kid City project [abitare via fine little day]

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