March 3, 2011

Rastamouse Be Heah To Make A Bad Ting Good

Rastamouse is apparently a real thing. The first book, Rastamouse and the Crucial Plan, came out in the UK way back in 2005, but it must not have caught on in the US, because the publisher, Little Roots, didn't bother releasing the sequels here.

Anyway, now it's a TV show on CBeebies, the BBC kids channel. The stop-action animated puppets are by the same outfit who did Bob the Impossibly White and Uptight Builder, so yeah, quite a lot of range.

Rastamouse Company's YouTube Channel has episode clips [youtube via ready4thehouse]
Jamaican accent not included: Rastamousebooks are available on Amazon US anyway


something something something ganga.

er..."ganja." It's been a long time since I used it. The word. Never mind.

Rastamouse ROCKS!! It's the only kids' program I can sit and watch without wanting to poke my eyed out. Truly inspired! Beats Thomas the Whinging Tank Engine hands down!!

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