February 9, 2011

There Is An Awesome Plywood Play Cube In A Barn In Europe Somewhere?

Alright, Internet, we have a job to do.

In the NY Times, Berkeley feng shui master Liu Ming talked about the inspiration for the multi-function plywood cube-on-wheels his architect Toshi Kasai made for his loft. And it's not Ken Isaacs, or Papanek & Hennessey, or even Jade Jagger:

Mr Liu first became interested in the idea of using a cube to organize his living space a number of years ago, when he saw an article about a couple in Europe who had bought a barn because they needed space for a workshop, but who wanted a separate area for themselves and their children.

"They'd built a plywood cube," he said. "There were touch doors you could open up, and a kitchen and a staircase that went to a second level, where the kids had their space. I thought it was brilliant, and it was so flexible, I tore it out and stuck it in a notebook."

So where is this perfect Euro-family-plywood-cube exactly? I'm guessing it looks a little like this:


A Feng Shui Cube Brings Intimacy to a Loft [nyt]

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