February 2, 2011

'Wee Felix' Got His Finger Whacked By A Dash

A 2-yo in New Zealand got his fingertip near chopped off by a Phil & Teds Dash, which is not one of the models that have been recalled [again] recently for fingerchopping.:

"The tip of his finger was 90 per cent off. It was horrific."

Felix began vomiting soon after and was taken by ambulance to Waikato Hospital, where his fingertip, described by surgeons as a "90 per cent amputation", was reattached under general anaesthetic.

Mrs Johnson said Felix had since regained use of the finger.

Phil and Teds upgraded her stroller about a week after the accident.

Apparently, it wasn't defective, but broken in some undetectable way. And I guess because quirky New Zealand has its own product liability laws, culture, Phil & Teds was able to apologize to "wee Felix" without getting sued into oblivion. Now don't that make you warm and tingly as a worn off general anaesthetic?

On a related note, I will bet that this kind of story anticipates our rapidly approaching future, when the CPSC's searchable database of consumer incident reports comes online. Every stroller-amputated fingertip will come with a personal story. We're all Wee Felixes now.

Buggy nearly severed my son's fingertip [nzherald via dt reader howard]

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Search Daddytypes for Phil & Teds and you will find recall after injury after recall. Search for Mountain Buggy and you'll find heroic strollers allegedly saving lives. After P&T's acquisition of MB I can't imagine what the engineering integration meetings were like. Seems a bit like oil and water...where the oil is the finest extra virgin and the water is slightly poluted.

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