February 1, 2011

The State Of The Star Wars Onesie Market


I guess there's a great disturbance in the licensing Force, because Modern Day Dad seems to be having a helluva time finding decent Star Wars Onesies these days.

Star Wars Clothes (Onesies, Snapsuits, T-Shirts and Hats) for Babies and Kids


H&M is usually a jackpot for all things Star Wars. Not onesies, but they have stuff for even the littlest kids. Snagged a Great SW shirt for my 18 month old for $5 and my older son has an awesome black T-shirt with just the imprint of Darth Vader's face on the front in gray/silver. Not to mention the Star Wars underwear. H&M has the best kids underwear.

Okay, I love H&M. The End.

Target usually has several different options.

Target has the onesie pictured above...just got one on Saturday. My hubby is a big geek. :D Cafe Press also has some cute stuff.

Sorry forgot the link for the Cafe Press onesies and bibs I found. http://www.cafepress.com/squirtshirts/4686425

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