January 28, 2011

Boring Art For Baby

Dino Crawling, 2010, Julian Opie via outset/luxuo

Look, I'm the biggest art for baby guy around. The kid's first movie was Cassavetes' Shadows. She has Takashi Murakami stuffed animals. Photos of her in her Bugaboo next to Yoshio Taniguchi at the ribboncutting ceremony for MoMA.

But this Art For Baby book thing, with a handful of black & white contemporary artworks for the kid to stare at? Pretty, but totally unnecessary.

Never mind that it was apparently inspired by some art collector mom noticing her newborn was hypnotized by the Julian Opie video playing nonstop in the kitchen. Julian Opie! Kids WILL stare at any screen that moves!

The fact that a 2-year-old boardbook's being used as a PR hook for an exhibit in a Louis Vuitton store in Hong Kong, while pretending they're raising money for a charity, which turns out to be themselves, pretty much seals the deal.

I mean, Julian Opie?! Ugh.

Louis Vuitton - Art for baby [luxuo.com "luxury blog"]
Sept. 2008: Rapt in Black and White [guardian.co.uk]
Fine, don't listen to me: Art for Baby, around $14 at Amazon [amazon]

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