January 27, 2011

Supermarket Nirvana: 1966 GTO Wagon

There ought to be a word by now for the acute disappointment and frustration carmakers inflict on station wagon enthusiasts who want family-sized functionality and performance.

I mean, Pontiac was not offering GTO wagons as far back as 1965. Do you think the dads in the 60s who ended up buying Tempests or LeManses forgot about that? How about their kids in the backseat?

1968 Pontiac GTO Wagon, via highperformancepontiac

Judging by the number of GTO-ified Tempests and GTO Wagon clones in the muscle car enthusiast world, each one a labor of love and inordinate effort, finished with several hand-rubbed coats of philosophical meaning, I'd say the answer is no and no.


As a result, GTO Wagons are now much easier to find and buy. Why, DT reader Creston just picked up a 1966 GTO Wagon for his daughter at the supermarket.

This should give hope to the grocery hauling enthusiasts waiting for a Volvo V60 diesel plug-in hybrid sports wagon: it'll be at Harris Teeter soon!

It's a Wagon! Putting The "Sport" in SUV [sic] with a '68 GTO Wagon [highperformancepontiac.com]
Honest Poncho - Long Roofs: 1965 Pontiac Tempest Custom Station Wagon [hotrod.com]


If you're reading Tom DeMauro now, I may have to get you a subscription to Muscle Machines.

Seriously, send me your address and I'll send over the whole suite of our magazines.

holy shitballs! this just blew my mind. how did I not know these existed?!?! Thanks for changing my life, and hopefully someday making me have the most bad ass grocery getter!

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